AEGY Programmes.

1.Youth and Women empowerment.
2. Participatory research.
3. Health (Mental, Maternal and Child health)
5. Child Protection and support.
6. Gender Based Violence prevention and Support.
7, Addressing climatic change

What we do?

Become part of the greatest movement ever

Youth and Women Economic Empowerment; IGAs and support groups saving under VSLAs.

Parents/guardians are more responsive on reporting / supporting their children to continue taking drugs and attending school.

Youth and  women Empowerment; Support to OVC though apprentice

AEGY has been able to get 132 OVCs to vocational institutes who are receiving support.132 due to finish vocational training this by the youth themselves.

Health; sanitation as girls and senior women teachers  trained to made re-useable pads.

The number of dropouts has reduced greatly though the number is still high. Children have been maintained in school and and also have access sanitary pads.

Child Protection; Education, care and  Support to Orphans and other Vulnerable Children.

600 children have received scholastic materials institutes and the 132 in vocation has been paid for school fees.

Health; Maternal, New Born and Child Health.

Have reached and supported 400 people living with HIV/AIDS, through IGAs, treatment and counseling.

Participatory Action Research.

Community attitude has been improved due to different engagement on Gender roles and responsibility.

Every Day we fight hard to see impact through a number of ways.

Piggery as an Income generating activity.

Promoting games and sports for health and unit.

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